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Installation of Tents inthe Forest

In the Woods to find a good place to sleep easier. The main thing is that nearby was not old, rotten trees that could fall on your head.
Yet it is important to make sure that there are no ant hills and the orderly’s forests reaching to your guests with the "Inspectorate".
It should also set up a tent on the paths of forest animals-Why disturb their rest? Yes, if a full-grown bear or boar wants to bypass the barrier suddenly appeared on his lawful ways.
And here's the Green mosses, such soft, attractive in appearance, it is usually damp.
In General, before you put up a tent at the chosen location, skip through your fingers weave the stems, feel the soil. If after pressing a wet-look for the place posies.
Lie down to the desired location (you can castellany on the mat), go from side to side. So you better determine how to put the tent up, where NIH. And to remove the detected by side stone or souk, bump of turf grass or fern.
Shelter from the rain can be found in the old mixed spruce forest. As a rule, there is always a powerful realize ate, underneath which nothing grows, so strongly they shadow land. Under the trunks of old accumulates here dry pine needles. Under such trees often arrange storage wild boars, deer and moose. If the tent fits between the gnarled tree roots, often emerging on the surface, why not take advantage of this forest Hotel man? Search an Ideal place to sleep. And warm, and soft, and dry!
A huge, free-standing trees of Siberian taiga? Yes it's just finished houses for forest tramps! In the heavy downpours under them are the islets of dry land. But retreating from the pure fragrant air, healthily resinous giants, is simply unreasonable.
Where better to pitch a tent in the woods or in the Meadow?

Under the canopy of trees sleep always warmer than in the Open Meadow. It is especially crucial spring and autumn nights when the morning grass in an open area covered by hoarfrost, and under the trees there is no freeze.
In summer the meadow is abundant dew and the tent becomes wet. Nylon rope from moisture stretch, weaken, the awning sags, begins to touch the cloth tents and tent impregnating Stars, moisture gets inside the tent. For More About: Camping tents for sale

In the forest you can find shelter from the wind. Only in the gale-force wind there is a danger that will begin to flake out trees. In the winter, do not stand up in a mature forest doesn't fly through high, especially among thick Aspen trees-they are the most fragile and break easily, as the first match. In this weather it is better to stop young trees.
Installation of tents in the swamp
It happens that night travelers are caught in the swamp and a choice location no longer remains. Nothing to worry about. You should cut the little pine, turn them into flooring, and top tent.
Installation of tents on a hillside
If you find yourself on the side of a mountain or the Valley of the River before dark and had no time to find a flat area-not a problem. The slope can be "spoil′". Set up a tent to sleep feet down the slope. Put a log or large stones at tents to legs rested and did not let you slide down.
Or alternatively turn the roller of the clothes and put themselves under the "fifth point" is also prevents rolling. Inside the tent under the rug in places dips put shoes, backpack, and food. The next version of the sleeping bag cover-type grass, easy to stuckon wood, Moss, and lichen. And all of this use for "grading". Main-fantasy! Then you gently and evenly and will sleep...
Installation of tents in the winter
Before you install a tent in the snow should tamp area. Make it easier to ski or wider Board. As the mattress is normal FIR branches. Lampkin better not throw in disarray, and stuck in the compacted snow at a slight angle to define springing "mattress". Is a wonderful spring litter.
Climb into the tent should be gently with your hands once again to not push snow and not create pits nearby.